Feb 21 2015

ECHO NiNER Patch Pouch

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A industry friend of mine fired me a package of goodies several months back. In it was the Echo Niner Patch Pouch that has been used in various roles since then. The patch pouch is a male Velcro backed patch with female Velcro on the outside. A flap opens in the back allowing items to be stored on the inside.

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Jul 31 2014

Perroz Designs

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Continuing my spotlight on products made by smaller manufacturers in North America, I will be showing you guys a couple of the cool things I have received from the good folks over at Perroz Designs. They are a small outfit in Toronto that are pumping out some seriously interesting items. All of the stitching is top notch and they have been making some laser cut patches for some pretty big names too.

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Apr 7 2011

Spec-Ops The Wallet Jr

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The Spec-Ops The Wallet Jr is a “tactical” wallet with a unique but well designed opening procedure. The Wallet Jr holds your cards so they slide out only when the wallet is open so there is no worry of them falling out. The wallet is built with function and durability in mind.

Jan 27 2011

SHOT Show Clothing, Load Bearing Gear and Boots

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Amongst all of the different firearm manufacturers and hunting items at SHOT you will find many a good piece of kit. This year had all kinds of things for me to fondle and dream about owning.