Dec 13 2011

Wicked Edge Sharpener

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If you are a knife guy like me or have a wife or husband who is a chef you have likely dulled a knife. There are many ways to sharpen knives out there and a lot of them are not super good for the knife or take considerable practice, patience and skill to operate. Thankfully due to a post on the USN I stopped by the Wicked Edge booth at SHOT show. I had just got my brand new Strider SMF and wanted to get a look at their units. Striders are hard to sharpen on most sharpening systems due to the angle of the edge. The Wicked Edge team at the booth were more than happy to show me the system on my knife and proceeded to have a good chat with me while doing it. When the knife was finished it could shave hair off my hand almost as good as my Gillette razor. Now this likely isn’t a system for you if you have cheap Chinese clone knives you get at the flea market or most surplus stores. This system is if you own knives worth depending your life on or quality kitchen knives.

Mar 23 2011

Firearms Guide 2011

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Its a strange thing to be told one of the coolest things to see at a massive live fire press event is a piece of software. However this is what I was told by more than one press member in attendance. I happened to be eating lunch when one of the press members I was eating with flagged down the owner of the company. I exchanged my card with him and a month or two later I received an email looking for my address. Firearms Guide allows you to search for firearms, airguns and ammo using a wide variety of search criteria. It includes 425 manufacturers and over 50,000 firearms, airguns and ammo. Not only that but there is a section that has loads of gun schematics for those of you who want to work on your gun or find the item number of a replacement part.

Mar 15 2010

Gear Keeper Retractor Lanyard

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The following review is on a product by Gear Keeper. The retractor lanyard system is very versatile in mount methods and forces to extend. It allows you to attach an item like a flashlight, multi tool, keys etc to your person. Once attached you can extend the cord by pulling the item to use it. This helps minimize loss of essential small kit items. They even make retention systems for firearms. The one being reviewed in the article is the 9oz of force Heavy Duty Snap Clip model. This model allows the Gear Keeper to be attached to a D-ring or other similar item.