Jan 17 2019

Victory First is releasing a Glock 43 upgrade for Appendix Carry

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Victory First V43 slide and barrel combo G43 upgrade

Jan 11 2019

COMING SOON: Tyrant Designs CNC Glock Compensator

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Tyrant CNC Designs T Comp

Jan 6 2019

New EDC Pack option from Grey Ghost Gear available

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TQ Thirst Quencher pack from Grey Ghost Gear

Jan 3 2019

DLC(Diamond Like Carbon) What Is It?

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In the last few years the firearms industry and the knife industry to a certain extent have embraced machine tool coatings with an increasing frequency. Machine tools like endmills, lathe inserts etc are bits of metal that are spun at high speed into other bits of metal to make things. For instance depending on the diameter of steel the lathe insert can be cutting with the steel contacting it at over 2000RPM. This creates a ton of heat from the friction (believe me I have the chip burns to prove it) and in a normal untreated insert or endmill this would wear the tool down. Thankfully coatings such as DLC(diamond like carbon) and TiN(titanium nitride) have come onto the scene. Continue reading

Dec 7 2018

Cleaning Kits for Christmas: Pro Shot wants you to consider it

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weapon maintenance image from STA Training Group