Nov 22 2011

5.11 Rush 72 Pack

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If you have poked around this site before you may have noticed I was a big fan of my previous pack the Rush 24 so at this year’s SHOT Show when I saw the new Multicam bags being displayed I had to have the bigger brother. Unlike my 24 which gets used for a lot of travel and civilian stuff the 72 was being picked for military work only. The larger volume made it ideal as a field bag for my various middle of nowhere outings.

Mar 15 2010

5.11 Rush 24 Pack

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The following review is on the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 pack. I am no longer going to school but sometimes need to drag my laptop pens and paper around for work or this site. This bag was chosen for the amount of organization it affords the wearer. The bag was designed and tested by Kyle Lamb of VTAC.