Feb 11 2012

Converse C8874

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With my recent change in occupation I have to use a whole new area of safety equipment that I tried to avoid like the plague before. Steel/composite toe boots were never synonymous with comfort. To me they just meant blisters on my toes. The reason for this is because a lot of companies just take an existing boot and cram the cap and some padding inside. So a normal width becomes narrow and wide becomes normal. So if you’re a freak of nature like me with giant feet this spells out bad news. However several companies actually realize this is a foolish and lazy way of making footwear and have designed the boot around the cap not the cap around the boot.

Jun 22 2011

Converse C8891 Multicam Boot

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At SHOT Show 2011 I was wandering around and found a booth called Warson Brands which carried the full line of Converse’s military footwear. This surprised me because I had not heard anything about Converse in ages and thought they had dropped their military line. I had heard nothing but good things about their boots from guys overseas but never really saw many stores carrying them. Well it turns out Converse is still pumping out boots and in this case had some new ones in Multicam.

Jan 27 2011

SHOT Show Clothing, Load Bearing Gear and Boots

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Amongst all of the different firearm manufacturers and hunting items at SHOT you will find many a good piece of kit. This year had all kinds of things for me to fondle and dream about owning.