Jan 30 2019

The tactical helmet and other brain buckets

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One could argue that a tactical helmet is any form of head protection worn to…well, protect your head. That holds true whether your platoon is assaulting a mud brick compound or people are actually throwing bricks at your head. Not to be confused with a condom which you use to protect your other head.

Tactical helmet homemade riot armor style

Jun 13 2013

CORE Survival HEL-STAR 6

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I have been on the lookout for a new strobe setup for awhile and when I saw the HEL-Star 6 I knew it would be what I was looking for. It combined two things I had on my helmet, an IR strobe and a visible light v-lite, in one simple setup and the ability to switch between overt and covert modes with tactile switches was a huge plus over buttons.

You can check out my article from a previous edition of Tactical News Magazine by clicking on the image below.

Oct 2 2012

FirstSpear Helmet Covers (Hybrid and Normal)

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I was excited to see that FirstSpear had created two different helmet covers for the crowd who own Ops-Core helmets. With the way those helmets are flying off the shelf people are grabbing whatever color they can find in stock. I managed to get a FAST Base Jump in Multicam before these covers were mentioned however I still wanted one. Early in my use of this helmet I was speared in the top of the head with a twig through on of the holes which wouldn’t happen with the cover. I also got the cover to help protect the helmet and for the better laid out Velcro surface. I have both versions of this cover so I will show lots of pictures of each as I go on.