Apr 10 2015

INFORCE APL 200 Lumens

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I have wanted an INFORCE APL(Auto Pistol Light) badly ever since its initial release, however the issue was that I did not have a pistol at that time. Thankfully, when I got my Glock the new improved version of the APL came out in flat dark earth colour.


Feb 15 2014

Armytek Barracuda XM-L2 U3 : First Impression

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This is the latest high output light from Armytek, clocking in at 1450 Lumens it is definitely a blinder. It also has a very deep reflector that throws light over 500 meters, further than any hand held searchlight I have ever used.


Jun 13 2013

LiteFighter Systems FIDO-1

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A good tent that doesn’t weigh a ton and is roomy enough to not feel claustrophobic can be a hard thing to find, especially if you want something designed for military members, by military members. The FIDO-1 fits that bill however, it’s a single person tent that can also be strapped to a cot and is one piece of kit with a ton of utility.

I reviewed the FIDO-1 in a previous edition of Tactical News Magazine which can be read online by clicking the image below. Stay tuned for my review of Litefighter’s other tent, the LiteFighter-1, coming up sometime in the next few months.

Jun 14 2011

Fenix E05 R2 EDC Light

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I had been looking for a light that I can carry on me at all times for a long time now. I was unimpressed by the small keychain lights you see in the checkout lanes of big stores so I went on a search to find something better.