Jul 20 2015

S&J DSC Pouch

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The cat was out of the bag a week or two ago but I was really busy with my wedding so here it is. I was signed on as a Digital Contributor for RECOIL . Nothing will change for the most part on here because of this. You just might see more linked posts like this one. With that check out my review on the very awesome way of carrying more shotgun shells on you.

You can check the article by clicking on the image below.


Jul 31 2013

LiteFighter-1 Tent

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My latest guest article for my friends over at MOTUS is on the LiteFighter-1 tent by LiteFighter. This is my go to tent when it comes to humping a pack around. If you click the picture below it will take you to the review.

litefighter (Custom)

Oct 2 2012

FirstSpear Helmet Covers (Hybrid and Normal)

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I was excited to see that FirstSpear had created two different helmet covers for the crowd who own Ops-Core helmets. With the way those helmets are flying off the shelf people are grabbing whatever color they can find in stock. I managed to get a FAST Base Jump in Multicam before these covers were mentioned however I still wanted one. Early in my use of this helmet I was speared in the top of the head with a twig through on of the holes which wouldn’t happen with the cover. I also got the cover to help protect the helmet and for the better laid out Velcro surface. I have both versions of this cover so I will show lots of pictures of each as I go on.

Jun 20 2012

BioSkin BackJack Tactical

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If you are or were in the combat arms your no stranger to having to carry heavy loads for an extended period of time. To have to contort yourself into cramped spaces or crawl about in uncomfortable positions. The most common injuries you hear from people who have been in for awhile is a bad back and bad knees. BioSkin released a back brace that helps to fix at least one of those issues.

Nov 22 2011

5.11 Rush 72 Pack

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If you have poked around this site before you may have noticed I was a big fan of my previous pack the Rush 24 so at this year’s SHOT Show when I saw the new Multicam bags being displayed I had to have the bigger brother. Unlike my 24 which gets used for a lot of travel and civilian stuff the 72 was being picked for military work only. The larger volume made it ideal as a field bag for my various middle of nowhere outings.