Jan 10 2014

Grey Ghost Gear PVS-14 Pouch

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Grey Ghost Gear has been producing great gear at a price that grunts can afford for a couple of years now. I happen to have an ever growing collection of their gear due to the awesome value I am getting for American made gear. When I saw that they made a PVS-14 pouch I was interested but the lack of pictures on their website was concerning to me. I figured for the $26 USD it was worth a shot at grabbing. I am glad I did, because this pouch securely holds my PVS-14 and keeps it safe from the bumps it receives being attached at my hip on my padded belt. Check the article out by clicking on the picture below.


Jun 9 2013

Cadex NVG Mount

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If you have been following our Facebook page you will know that I am now a regular columnist for Tactical News Magazine, if you haven’t you really should be since we run contests there and it notifies you of updates on our site here. As I have been running the Cadex NVG Mount for the past couple of years I have chosen to write a review on it for this month’s issue of the magazine. So in order to allow my faithful readers access to a bit of extra content, we will now be providing links to my Tactical News Magazine articles on this site.

You can click the image below to open my article in the magazine viewer. You can also read through the rest of this month’s issue by following the link. One of the best parts of this magazine is that you can read it for free online or get a subscription for a paper copy, so I recommend that all of you check it out.

Dec 14 2012

Vortex SPARC

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I don’t recall where I first saw one of these little units. It may have been at SHOT or on a forum. However when I did see it I was quite intrigued with some of the design features and the price point. Sadly not everyone can afford Elcan Specter Dr’s or Aimpoint T1′s so I figured after hearing some praise on the unit I would give it a try. I have had mine since sometime early on in the summer and it has had a few thousand rounds of .223 through it. Do I think the SPARC (Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat) is the be all and end all of optics… No. However I do think it has its purpose its just not on a gun your life depends on. The SPARC makes a great optic for a pistol or rifle your using for plinking or hunting however. I still haven’t replaced it on my VZ-58 which I use fairly often. The following review is from a Police or Military standpoint and not that of a hobbyist. The reason I wrote this article in that method is so that Military and Police members don’t go uninformed into their purchase for an optic that they plan to use at work. If this is something that is going on your fun gun then by all means pick one up they are rugged and work well. Some of my gripes are ones that will effect hobbyists too.