Jul 31 2013

LiteFighter-1 Tent

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My latest guest article for my friends over at MOTUS is on the LiteFighter-1 tent by LiteFighter. This is my go to tent when it comes to humping a pack around. If you click the picture below it will take you to the review.

litefighter (Custom)

Jun 13 2013

LiteFighter Systems FIDO-1

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A good tent that doesn’t weigh a ton and is roomy enough to not feel claustrophobic can be a hard thing to find, especially if you want something designed for military members, by military members. The FIDO-1 fits that bill however, it’s a single person tent that can also be strapped to a cot and is one piece of kit with a ton of utility.

I reviewed the FIDO-1 in a previous edition of Tactical News Magazine which can be read online by clicking the image below. Stay tuned for my review of Litefighter’s other tent, the LiteFighter-1, coming up sometime in the next few months.

Dec 1 2010


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It’s a tent, it’s a jacket, it’s a sleeping bag? It’s actually all three and it’s called a JAKPAK. After first reading about this jacket on Soldier Systems I was instantly intrigued. Not being a stranger to small tents (I packed a Snugpak Stratosphere until it was stolen) the idea of this multipurpose item had my interest. With a lot of people getting interested in light weight hiking a design like this was bound to happen someday.