Mar 11 2014

North American Manufacturing

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With the current state of our economy, it’s always good to see companies keeping their manufacturing within North America instead of following the growing trend of outsourcing their labour and production. The major thing to consider for those who do want to start trying to manufacture goods within the United States or Canada is what pitfalls might lie ahead of them and how can they learn from the mistakes of others since it seems like every month I hear another horror story coming from friends and others within the industry. This article is going to take place in the form of an interview between Patrick York Ma from MOTUS, Prometheus Design Werx (not up at the time of writing), and formerly the founder and creator of Triple Aught Design, and Dave Watson from Fight and Flight Tactical. I picked both of these guys for the interview due to their experiences in trying to bring manufacturing back home from overseas. I do want to clarify that many countries make great gear, some of which I am proud to own. This article is about companies who are striving to keep manufacturing in the country they reside in. Making jobs within their local community.


Mar 18 2013

Triple Aught Design Titanium Folding Spork

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Having eaten more rations then anybody should happily consume I have come to several conclusions. The first of these conclusions is that whomever decides that the flavoured gruel within that silvery package is edible is an evil mean spirited person and the second is some meals just can’t be consumed easily with a spoon. I have had various sets of KFS’s (knife, fork and spoon) as well as sporks and most have left me unsatisfied. I have even jokingly brought chopsticks with me to the field on a challenge. Like most Fridays a few years ago I was looking through my Triple Aught Design email blast letting me know what had been released in store that week and saw this little gem. TAD had released a folding titanium spork that seemed to address most of my issues with the eating utensils that I had previously used.

Nov 24 2011

Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie LT

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I wanted a TAD Stealth jacket for a few years now. I was on exercise last time they were released and sold out in my size. Thankfully a year or so ago I managed to snag a Stealth Reloaded. The jacket fit really well and was quite warm. The hood was nice and big and adjusted well for the various weather conditions I wore it in. I was also happy that it kept me dry even in some really heavy rain and wet snow. The only issue was it didn’t work so well in warm weather. I found myself sweating and not wanting to take it with me. Cue the Stealth LT which doesn’t have a liner but keeps the same great familiar shape as the Reloaded.