The aim of this website is to provide balanced reviews and articles on some of the latest or overlooked tactical gear.  We hope to provide detailed and unbiased reviews so that you can better spend your hard earned money. There is no point buying a piece of gear if it may fail you two months down the road when you really need it. The gear for review is either sent in for review or originally purchased by one of the writers. We make no differentiation between the two and look at everything as the piece of gear for the price it is worth and its functionality.

Each writer for this site is specially selected by me due to their expertise in a specific category of gear. There will be some overlap on occasion due to a member owning a piece of kit that they may feel needs a review.


Ryan Houtekamer

I started this site early 2010 but it did not go live until around March. My original goal for this website was a way for me to pass some time and create some reviews on things I used in the field. I served as an artillery reservist for seven years most of which was full time at a training school. I am now settled into the Canadian air force as a full time member. I still do various outings and tests to ensure the items I get are field worthy but I don’t spend as much time with the military in the field. On this site you will see me covering clothing, boots, eye wear, knives and gadgets primarily. However you will see the odd review or comparison on something else.

A photo of me taken on a military adventure training trip. This was taken in 2009 in NFLD, Canada at Marble Zip Tours after a day of caving and zip lining.

Matt Gallop

Matt has served with the Canadian army for around 5 years now. He was chosen due to his background in electronics and his job as a communications technician. His varied knowledge made him a perfect candidate to review flashlights for the site. His knowledge of the various electronic components helps him break down the flashlight and provide a thorough review.

Rob Arkell

Math was always my thing in school so Rob is the guy who recently came aboard to make all my articles not seem like they were wrote by Christopher Walken on bath salts.