Brazil Gets Radical

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Our friends over at Radical Firearms recently announced that they delivered a shipment of their rifles to Brazil. This is pretty cool to hear as you will read in the presser below typically the country only buys its own. This is one of the second outside of the country shipments we have personally heard about this year.


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Industry News: Solutions Group International High Risk Dignitary Protection Course

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Solutions Group International is happy to announce we have opened our High Risk Dignitary Protection course to responsible armed citizens. The 4 day, 40 hour HRDP course provides focused, in depth instruction to prepare students for placement on an armed Protective Service Detail (PSD). Students will learn requisite skills for operations in high-threat and non-permissive environments, and will be immersed in rigorous, physically and sensorily challenging training scenarios to test those skills under stress.


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MEC stops selling products from Vista Outdoor

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Holy crap I am alive (I never died just been busy penning awesomeness for other places lately but expect more here over the next year). With my semi-triumphant return to 2 Cent Tactical I bring news of a store that I once loved and looked forward to visiting. Mountain Equipment Co-Op or just MEC as most call it has severed ties with Vista Outdoor over pressure from some of their buyers (and likely a ton that had never even purchased anything) through social media. We all know this current generation loves social media activism because likes and shares solve problems.

Lets take a look first who MEC has decided to no longer carry because these aren’t some small brands. Here are the brands they list that they will no longer carry BollĂ©, Bushnell, CamelBak, Camp Chef, Jimmy Styks. PYou can see Vista’s full and rather impressive lineup here.

Now why would they stop carrying these brands and why are they being pressured to get rid of them by the social justice warrior crowd. It turns out its because Vista made a donation to the NRA and owns several gun related brands including Savage. This all came to a head after the recent school shooting where 17 souls lost their lives in a tragic event. Instead of focusing their time and effort pressuring lawmakers to put more money into mental health they went after a company with some of the biggest outdoor brands under their wing over a gun rights donation.

I have been a MEC member for as long as I can remember and have many fond memories of getting things and browsing the store over the years. This ends today however. I am choosing to vote with my wallet (and get a return of my $5 membership fee). I have watched as the company moved a ton of production to China on their MEC branded gear some of which used to be produced in Canada, how their prices continued to rise higher then other places despite being a Co-Op and their focus switch to the crowd who walks 3km on a beach in expedition level gear taking Instagram photos and eating a vegan soy latte with guilt free beans they paid $15 for. If you want to join me and many others call 1 (888) 847-0770 request to end your membership and get your money back. Also go to their Facebook and leave a one star review explaining why you are leaving. Then take your money you are getting back and put it towards a gun organization like the CCFR or CSSA, better yet buy something from the effected companies and show that you care.

I know that I wont be missing you MEC while I have a BBQ on my Camp Chef Woodwind, while drinking from a Camelback bottle planning my next range visit. Its time we gun owners and sane individuals punish those who vilify us with our buying power. Normally I wouldn’t ask this as I don’t honestly care but please share this and make sure to tag MEC when you do either on Facebook or Instagram.