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ShotStop Duritium plate

ShotStop Cold Weather Coupon

By Chest Rigs/Plate Carriers/Belt Rigs

Body armor and plates are in increasing demand, at least down in the States. Many places have sold out. Some places, particularly those worst hit by recent winter storms, are way behind on deliveries. Neither of those things is the case with ShotStop Ballistics, however…or so they’re saying:

“We are hearing many armor companies have diminishing stock and slow delivery times. Not ShotStop! We are ready to take your… Continue reading

HSGI Denali

By Chest Rigs/Plate Carriers/Belt Rigs

I have longed liked the look of HSGI’s chest rigs. They seemed like a great way to carry a pile of magazines while still having a ton of admin capabilities. Last year I managed to pick up a Multicam Denali for a price I could not pass up. Having spent the last few years playing around with various molle setups and it was nice for a change.

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