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Cadex and S&J Hardware Remington 870 Top Rail and Stock Adapter

By Attachments, Made in Canada, Remington 870

I recently wrote an article for the folks over at MOTUS on two Canadian firearms parts manufacturers. The article is on the S&J Hardware and Cadex top rail and stock adapters. I am also pleased to note that along with more firearms content there will be an increase on Canadian manufactured items. 2014 is looking to be a year of change around here. Click the picture below to be taken to the article.


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S&J Hardware Remington 870 Bayonet Mount

By Attachments, Made in Canada

Whether you’re interested in them for the looks cool factor, home defence, or putting a bayonet on your work shotgun, S&J has made a mount for you. The S&J bayonet mount is compatible with their own magazine extensions as well as the factory Remington 870 magazine extensions. The S&J adapter makes it so that any AR bayonet, such as the M7, M9, or ZT bayonets, can easily attach to your shotgun. Though this review is for the standard Remington 870 variant, the adapters are also available for the Mossberg 930 and 535/835as well as the 2012 870 tactical with the new long fixed 6 round magazine tube.


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S&J Hardware D.S.C.

By Made in Canada, Shell Carriers

Few sounds in the firearms world are as recognizable as a shotgun being pumped to load a round in the chamber. It’s a sound that can cause just about anyone to comply with the holders demands. However that sound means one of the very few rounds the shotgun holds is now in the chamber. Shotguns typically range in capacity from 4-8 rounds. Sure that shotgun shell is firing several good sized pellets at the target but what if you miss? What if there is more threats then you have rounds? S&J Hardware came up with a simple solution to the problem, have more rounds on the shotgun to be readily loaded when time or circumstance permits.


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Vortex SPARC

By Optics/Sights

I don’t recall where I first saw one of these little units. It may have been at SHOT or on a forum. However when I did see it I was quite intrigued with some of the design features and the price point. Sadly not everyone can afford Elcan Specter Dr’s or Aimpoint T1’s so I figured after hearing some praise on the unit I would give it a try. I have had mine since sometime early on in the summer and it has had a few thousand rounds of .223 through it. Do I think the SPARC (Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat) is the be all and end all of optics… No. However I do think it has its purpose its just not on a gun your life depends on. The SPARC makes a great optic for a pistol or rifle your using for plinking or hunting however. I still haven’t replaced it on my VZ-58 which I use fairly often. The following review is from a Police or Military standpoint and not that of a hobbyist. The reason I wrote this article in that method is so that Military and Police members don’t go uninformed into their purchase for an optic that they plan to use at work. If this is something that is going on your fun gun then by all means pick one up they are rugged and work well. Some of my gripes are ones that will effect hobbyists too.

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