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I recently wrote a guest article for The Firearm Blog on the INFORCE WMLx. I think I have had a WML of some form or other since they were released. INFORCE knows what they are doing and make an affordable, ergonomic and well designed light. If your interested in learning more click the picture below to be taken to the article.


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CORE Survival HEL-STAR 6

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I have been on the lookout for a new strobe setup for awhile and when I saw the HEL-Star 6 I knew it would be what I was looking for. It combined two things I had on my helmet, an IR strobe and a visible light v-lite, in one simple setup and the ability to switch between overt and covert modes with tactile switches was a huge plus over buttons.

You can check out my article from a previous edition of Tactical News Magazine by clicking on the image below.

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LazerBrite Multi Lux Unit and Accessories

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After having used my Krill light for years I decided to see what else was out there. I was looking for an electric glow stick with a few extra features and one that was a bit brighter. I think I read about LazerBrite on Kit-Up and decided to give them a try. I picked a few Multi Lux Units that have low, high and flash as a setting. I was impressed with the range of accessories for the LazerBrite units and picked up a few that I figured would be useful. I will be reviewing multiple items so each section will be broken down into the item that is being reviewed.

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